Revolutionizing eGrocery:
intelligent end-to-end eCommerce

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Grocery Has Gone Digital & Now Is The Time To Act

Exploding demand for online grocery requires a seamless strategy,
marked by an immersive brand experience & a high level of convenience and personalization.

By providing consistency in-store and online, inclusive of price parity, an easy shopping experience, and real-time inventory updates, you can increase engagement and build loyalty. Approaching order management from a multi-format fulfillment model will build healthier margins and allow you to scale quickly.

locai has the omni-channel solutions you need to profitably grow your business.

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eCommerce for Your Customer

Provide them a unique digital experience

Built with personalization in its core, our turnkey eCommerce platform is completely customizable to your brand. Search results, rich content, promotions, recipes, and more are tailored to each individual customer's preferences through machine learning and data intelligence.


CookIt: Personalized Meal Planning
Powered by AI

Conveniently connect shoppers directly to their table

CookIt intelligently combines any given recipe catalog & product catalog with a customer's preferences, current order, and past purchases to enable 1 click add-to-cart, reuse of ingredients across dishes, and more. Proven to increase basket size, customer engagement, and loyalty.

CookIt can easily be added to your existing platform via our APIs or through just a few lines of code using our javascript widget.

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PowerPick: The Fulfillment Factor

Executing the perfect order guarantees a positive experience, and the right model and tools make all the difference.

Proven to reduce operating cost per order while improving order accuracy, PowerPick is a versatile fulfillment management system capable of supporting numerous operating footprints from warerooms to dark stores. Fully integrated with locai's eCommerce Platform but can easily integrate with other platforms and order management systems.


Endless Aisles

Broaden your product assortment without additional inventory carrying costs

Customers want more options, but your shelf space is limited. By using distribution partners to drop ship items separately from local delivery, our Endless Aisles marketplace allows you to expand your assortment by increasing breadth in current categories as well as offer new products from local shops.

Endless Aisles is easily integrated into your current site via our APIs or as a stand alone microsite cross-linked to your existing solution.

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