CookIt: personalized meal planning powered by AI

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Integrate recipe and product recommendations directly into your existing eCommerce site  

By using AI to parse recipes into ingredients & quantities, and by understanding your customer’s specific preferences & purchase history, our solution presents personalized recipes that are cost effective to each individual’s cart.

Your customers come away feeling inspired since you made their shopping journey convenient and effortless.



  • CookIt delivers relevant, personalized recipes, products and content based on dietary preferences, items in cart, past purchases, sale items, and scales recipes based on portion size

  • Integrates directly into your current shopping experience via locai's proprietary APIs

    • Natural Language parsing algorithm captures intent

    • Personalization features can leverage past purchases, favorites, and preferences

    • APIs return semantic tags, config data, content, and relevant html snippets

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Proven Benefits

Builds brand value by offering a differentiated experience to your customers with the following results:

  • Increased basket size

  • Improved loyalty & retention

  • Increased conversion rate

  • Higher purchase frequency

  • Frequency + Basket Size + Loyalty = Improved CLV