Customers want solutions that simplify their daily routines

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The locai eCommerce SaaS platform meets that customer need and provides them with convenience, value, and inspiration

Rich Content

Connecting with Customers

Rich content facilitates connection and engagement and further promotes opportunities for discovery, conversion, and convenience.

locai's tool set enables creation immersive pages using configurable:

  • Product shelves / grids
  • Recipe shelves / grids
  • Cross / up sell blocks
  • Banners
  • Articles
  • Videos

Brand Identification

Content also creates a robust narrative allowing your customers to align and identify with your brand.


Life is just easier when thousands of recipes, videos, and stories are housed under one roof.

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Meal Planning

72% of Americans cook from home four or more nights per week, and want convenience, inspiration and options that let them live healthier lives.

Meal Planning Adds Value:

  • increases basket size
  • increases order frequency and customer loyalty
  • improves engagement through discovery of 1,000s of recipes
  • adds convenience with seamless add-to-cart functionality

locai's proprietary meal planning capability enables a personalized experience tailored to a customer's shopping cart items, past purchases, dietary preferences, and more.

Not only does it make shopping online more enjoyable, it solves the headache of planning healthy meals each week.

The locai platform allows you to serve your customers as both their grocer and meal planning partner.



loc ai mobile platform

locai mobile platform


Meal Planning

Our proprietary technology that combine shopping, recipes and list


Thousands of additional products without adding inventory


The right product at the right time at the right price


Merchandising driven by Search based intent


Thousands of recipes by meal or diet preference

CPG Content

Leverage the brands and revenue offered by CPG

Digital Circular

Simple and familiar with 1-click add to cart


Digital coupons available in-store and online


Effortless integration with Customer data

Past Purchases

Convenience for customers to add their favorites to their cart


So many features on this that I think would be such a benefit to myself and my family…I can’t imagine anyone not being excited about that
— Millennial Mom, 37 years old
Holy improvements, Batman! Shopping this time was so easy and fun! Woohoo!
— Millennial user, 33
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