Customers want more choices

With the Endless Aisles marketplace you can more effectively compete and keep your customers from going elsewhere 

the locai Endless Aisles marketplace is available as an imbedded user experience within the locai eCommerce platform or as a standalone microsite that can be cross-linked to your existing eCommerce site.

Features & Benefits

  • Expands your assortment by increasing breadth in current categories as well as through introducing new categories
    • Makes available tens of thousands of additional SKUs
    • No inventory liability or carrying costs
    • Integrated with trusted 3rd Party Sellers who drop-ship directly to your customers

  • Engaging User Experience with built in personalization & search capabilities
    • Your in control, it's your brand
    • Your customers see only the 3rd Party Sellers you choose
    • Configurable to show only 1 Seller per SKU

endless aisle screen cap.png
microsite Infographic.jpg

Endless Aisles Microsite

  • Endless Aisles microsite is branded to your specifications

  • Cross-links with your existing eCommerce site for a seamless customer experience

  • Supports simple cross-links or multiple Single-Sign-On protocols


New Revenue Stream

  • Endless Aisles lets you capture sales that would otherwise go to Amazon or CPGs selling direct-to-consumer

  • Orders are parsed based on where items can be fulfilled

  • Parsed orders are then handed off to our distribution partners where they drop ship those items to customers

  • You benefit from a revenue share on those items while the distributor manages the carry and fulfillment costs

endless aisles money flow.png