PowerPick: The right tool to help operators succeed

locai's PowerPick fulfillment management system streamlines order fulfillment and supporting eGrocery operations enabling a cost effective operation while improving overall customer satisfaction

Proven to reduce operating cost per order while improving order accuracy, PowerPick is versatile and capable of supporting numerous operating footprints from warerooms to dark stores and/or dedicated distribution centers.  It is fully integrated with locai's eCommerce Platform but can easily integrate with other eCommerce platforms and order management systems.

Features & Functions

Cart Set-up
Pick & Pack
Cart Offload
Inbound Management
Replenishment Tasking
Exception Handling

Intelligent Tote and Cart Building Logic

  • Orders are broken down by temperature zone and grouped for pick efficiency
  • Specific order/stop #s may be skipped as necessary
  • Pick to order with order batching on single or multiple route(s)
  • Batch pick separates similar order items by quantity and route

Built in Order Verification Process

  • Error checks and corrections within order flow
  • Last pick prompts Operator to complete order and proceed to shipping dock
  • All exceptions for the order are stored and relayed back to the eCommerce Platform

Unique User Credentials

  • Role based authorization & access
  • System configurable by location
fulfillment system1-3D.png
fulfillment system2.png

Exception Handling with Strong Visual Cues

Special Customer Handling

Customer VIP - flag important customers for added steps in checking order quality

1st Time Order - Identify new customers and make first impressions count

Special Handling Instructions

Flag - identifies items that need to be replenished before they can be picked. “Flagged” items will be married with the order once replenishment is complete

Out of Stock (OOS, aka Short) - tells the operator that the item has no inventory at the time of pick and that there’s no good substitute

Sub - tells the operator to substitute an item for a different yet similar one that is in stock

Split - an item with a pick quantity > 1 can be split into multiple item cards to handle exceptions that might not apply to the entire pick quantity

Weight Adjust – exact weights are recorded at time of pick

Frozen - call out items that require special packaging to stay frozn


Real Time Operating Metrics

Dashboard display of user and group averages within specific pick zones

  • Throughput
    • Average orders picked per hour
    • Average items picked per hour
  • Orders per Day: average orders per user
  • Minutes per Order: average minutes per order
  • Orders Started: number of orders currently in process
  • Orders Finished: number of orders finished since start of day

Pick Zone Averages: drill into the stats for each pick zone across routes

User Averages: drill into the stats for each user across routes