eGrocery Operational Strategy


Scaling with demand

As the demand for eGrocery increases, success depends on efficiently scaling while increasing customer satisfaction. Grocers need diverse fulfillment options to meet this rapidly shifting customer demand. locai's cost-effective SaaS platform not only supports the full spectrum of fulfillment formats but also provides your customer with a real time view of your inventory.

Combating Amazon

Grocers are faced with how to address the Amazon effect. There is limited knowledge in the marketplace on how to operate profitable, dedicated fulfillment centers as well as the manage efficient delivery networks.  With locai, you not only get a great eCommerce platform, but a partnership with an experienced team of eGrocery operators who have tackled these challenges first hand. 


Merchandising & Marketing Strategy

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The locai team has years of expertise at the country's top grocers and eCommerce retailers.  As a grocer, your goal is to build profitable scale beyond current in-store fulfillment models.  locai creates transformative shopping experiences that bring to life the true omni-channel experience for your brand and your customer.


True omni-channel means that grocers need full control of their brand throughout every aspect of the customer experience. The locai eCommerce platform provides brand control not found in other eGrocery models.  The result: a positive ROI for our retail partners.