Built to Scale

Given its headless micro-services architecture, the locai platform seamlessly integrates with multiple technologies and can be stood up within weeks

This flexibility means locai supports all fulfillment formats from in-store to dark store to fully automated robotic solutions, easily transitioning from one format to the next, enabling your business to scale operationally market by market as needed

loc ai's customer facing platform

locai's customer facing platform

The Full eGrocery Solution

Innovative Website

  • Customizable eCommerce website with your brand integrated.

  • Unique customer engagement features inclusive of meal planning, rich content, and a real time view into online inventory.

Backend Fulfillment Technology

  • Comprehensive set of fulfillment center applications.

  • Extensive eGrocery expertise to help you operate.

Technology + People

  • Founded on our philosophy of developing technology that puts people first.

  • Designed to minimize your Capital investment.

  • locai is your partner; helping you maximize the customer experience while optimizing operational efficiency.

loc ai's full suite of applications

Flexible Integration

All in One

  • Links all of your systems, data, and proprietary information.

  • Microservice architecture enables the easy aggregation of data.

  • Enables engagement with customers at every touchpoint.

Internal & External

  • Supports both internal and external factors on top of current systems.

  • Provide seamless assimilation of data, creating systematic organization and increased automation.

Dedicated Team of Experts

  • locai's dedicated team is here to help

  • We handle all the integrations between your systems and the locai platform.


Data Intelligence

Predictive Analytics

  • Drives promotions, pricing, inventory management, supply chain, warehouse operations, merchandising and marketing.

  • The result, increased customer satisfaction with lower operating costs.

Machine Learning

  • Embedded within the user experience and used to drive efficiencies at every step of the digital lifecycle.

  • Tools in the areas of marketing and inventory management enable you to stay focused on the customer.